Multives Venture Fund

Stability, knowledge, support and partnership are at the heart of our approach.

Our fund invests in entrepreneurs building companies at every stage – from seed to growth. We are in the company-building business, helping startups with business development, financing, and other strategic advice. Our job is to actively help you maximize your impact on your customers and the world. PT. Multi Makmur Investama provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs building lasting businesses fast.

You’ve got an idea that will change the world. We want to meet you. To be considered for funding, please send your Business Plans to
We like business plans that present a lot of information in as few words as possible. The following business plan format, within 15–20 slides, is all that’s needed.

  1. Company purpose

    • Define the company/business in a single declarative sentence.
  2. Problem

    • Describe the pain of the customer (or the customer’s customer).
    • Outline how the customer addresses the issue today.
  3. Solution

Demonstrate your company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better.
    • Show where your product physically sits.
    • Provide use cases.
  4. Why now

    • Set-up the historical evolution of your category.
    • Define recent trends that make your solution possible.
  5. Market size

    • Identify/profile the customer you cater to.
    • Calculate the Total Available Market (TAM), Servicable Available Market (SAM) and Servicable Obtainable Market (SOM).
  6. Competition

    • List competitors
    • List competitive advantages
  7. Product

    • Product line-up (form factor, functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property).
    • Development roadmap.
  8. Business model

    • Revenue model
    • Pricing
    • Average account size and/or lifetime value
    • Sales & distribution model
    • Customer/pipeline list
  9. Team

    • Founders & Management
    • Board of Directors/ Board of Advisors
  10. Financials

    • Profit & loss
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash flow
    • Capitalization table
    • The deal